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2012 Person of the Year

Person of the Year 2012

Congratulations, MR. PRESIDENT,
on being named the 2012 Person of the Year by Time magazine. What a man!

I am so proud of our President. He represents our country with style, dignity, grace, and humility, with a resolute, confident, and respected demeanor. He is a beloved father, a loving husband, a formidable political opponent, and a dedicated President. World leaders admire him and hold him in high regard. He was also named Person of the Year in 2008. He is a man of INTEGRITY who GENUINELY cares about America and its citizens, a man who does not waiver on his core values. Once again, Congratulations, Mr. President.

In an age of lost authority, Obama had managed to maintain his. In group after group, the voters told the researchers they believed the President was honest, lived an admirable personal life and was trying to do the right thing. “Here’s what I heard for 18 months,” Simas says. “‘I trust his values. I think he walked into the worst situation of any President in 50 years. And you know what? I am disappointed that things haven’t turned around.’ But there was always that feeling of  ‘I am willing to give this guy a second shot.’” READ MORE…


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